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Posted on July 24th, 2013

The Accessory Queen was founded just over 7 years ago after searching for affordable leather handbags in jewel colours for the owners’ personal consumption! She came across a fabulous supplier but needed to buy 8!

P1020487.jpg          P1020484.jpg
Necklace 1a

She took the gamble and promptly took them to her local gym to sell. After an amazing sell-out, realised the gap in the market and continued buying and selling expanding to other venues and even peoples homes.

The natural progression was to the costume jewellery market and continued her philosophy choosing unusual and vibrant styles.

N8413c.jpg     PRM37HP.jpg     AQPSS1056WH.jpg

The shop opportunity came her way in the shape of a good friend having a spare room on her first floor of her interior design business.  This small room expanded over the next 18months to where it is today and now occupies a three story Georgian building in the heart of the historic Berkshire town of Newbury.

In August 2011 The Accessory Queen decided it was time to introduce her King to the shop so the AK range of gorgeous men’s gifts and accessories was introduced and has been extremely popular.

Buchanan.jpg     Cufflinks_Wh_Br_Stag.jpg     Socks_large_chess_blue.jpg     Wallet_Barry_Bulldog.jpg

As the hard economic times continued in 2012 & 2013 it became apparent that as much as we all try to fight it the days of the independent retailer on the high street were sadly numbered!

It was time for a serious re-think and there are a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline. However the expansion and development of the website was a natural starting point.

We hope this website brings everything the discerning lady or gentleman needs to accessorise themselves. We will help to keep you up to date with all the latest trends and styles we find.

We hope you enjoy our website as it continually grows and expands.


Posted on November 17th, 2011

We had a very interesting trainee at The Accessory Queen recently, no other than Chris Wright who does the breakfast show on Newbury Sound. 

Chris spent a morning with Sarah Lovell, owner of The Accessory Queen and her colleague Nicola finding out a bit more about the business and to attempt several tasks including creating a window display, making some jewellery and even modelling this season’s latest fashion, the Wonderwrap.

The fine work of making a bracelet took Chris quite a time but Sarah, who has a keen eye for detail and very high standard inspected Chris’s work very closely and said it passed the test!A customer wanted to find out more about the Wonderwrap and to provide extra customer service Sarah and Nicola normally model some of the clothes and accessories, Chris had to do that to secure the sale – it worked!

Finally Chris put some autumnal items in the window display before having a tour around the new Accessory King upstairs at the store in Northbrook Street.

The result – Chris was HIRED!—accessory-queen-i-11425.php

We are back!

Posted on November 17th, 2011

We’re sorry it’s been a while since our last post but rest assured WE ARE BACK!!!! 

We’ve got so much to tell you about and information on new trends, lots of new products and a whole new range to tell you all about. So this is the place to be for all your ladies and men’s fashion news and updates.

The latest jewellery trends for the coming party season.Exciting new Men’s range including socks, cufflinks, scarves, belts, and much more.

A new trend in wallets for men and women in the 21st century.

Beautiful Eel skin Leather products.Hilarious gift cards.

So watch this space over the coming days and weeks and we will get you all updated!

Lucas Jack – Unique, Ethical and Highly Wearable!

Posted on March 21st, 2010

Lucas Jack White Logo

Lucas Jack eclipse bangleLucas Jack Keira Necklace

~We are so excited to have been trying on and modelling this week some of the amazing new designs from London jeweller, Lucas Jack, that we just had to tell you a bit more about the brand.

~The Lucas Jack brand has to be jewellery that stands out for its colour and uniqueness but at the same time be highly wearable.

~All the Lucas Jack jewellery is plated with 18 carat gold and then brushed to give it a rich satin finish. Another nice feature is that none of this gold is mined but is sourced from recycled scraps and none of the scraps are bought from Africa where the mining conditions are often poor to say the least.

~As I mentioned we’ve all been wearing the latest jewellery this week and think if you decide to buy some you will agree it is quite simply beautiful jewellery that you will fall in love with and want to wear as often as you can.

~Not only are the products beautifully designed and stylishly made but as is often the case there is a really interesting story behind the brand.

~Lucas Jack was created in 2006 by Nick Bartley when he decided that his corporate banking job was just too dull to spend the rest of his life doing. So by taking the name from his 3 year old nephew and best friend, Lucas Jack Bartley, he launched the Lucas Jack brand with the very clear and simple objective of creating consistently beautiful, wearable and affordable jewellery. Nick is a self-taught jewellery designer and with each collection he sets about creating jewellery that is of the highest quality and yet easily affordable.

~In the last twelve months the profile of the Lucas Jack brand has increased significantly and just a couple of examples are given below.

~Cheryl Cole arrived for one of the X- Factor shows wearing the Lucas Jack Angel Cuff in blue chalcedony and rose quartz resin. She completed the perfect look by wearing the Lucas Jack Eclipse Earrings in brushed blue chalcedony resin.

Cheryl Cole

OK! Magazine February 2010. Featuring Eclipse Earrings in Blue Chalcedony, with matching Keira Necklace, also in Blue Chalcedony.

Lucas Jack handbag

There is a great selection of the latest Lucas Jack items