Posted on November 17th, 2011

We had a very interesting trainee at The Accessory Queen recently, no other than Chris Wright who does the breakfast show on Newbury Sound. 

Chris spent a morning with Sarah Lovell, owner of The Accessory Queen and her colleague Nicola finding out a bit more about the business and to attempt several tasks including creating a window display, making some jewellery and even modelling this season’s latest fashion, the Wonderwrap.

The fine work of making a bracelet took Chris quite a time but Sarah, who has a keen eye for detail and very high standard inspected Chris’s work very closely and said it passed the test!A customer wanted to find out more about the Wonderwrap and to provide extra customer service Sarah and Nicola normally model some of the clothes and accessories, Chris had to do that to secure the sale – it worked!

Finally Chris put some autumnal items in the window display before having a tour around the new Accessory King upstairs at the store in Northbrook Street.

The result – Chris was HIRED!—accessory-queen-i-11425.php

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