HOLSTER: ‘Glamming’ up your outfit this summer.

Posted on May 10th, 2010

Some of the great fashion dilemmas of the summer are how do you ‘glam up’ your beach outfit and what footwear to wear with your beautiful summer outfits whilst maintaining a bit of glamour and keeping cool & comfortable.

A few years ago we were doing the rounds at the many trade shows we go to looking for that something that is a little bit different. It is often the case that so much of the products we see just don’t give us that extra special ‘wow’ factor that we are looking to bring to you all. Suddenly we walked around the corner and there it was…..Holster

Holster logo

In my opinion the most glamorous piece of practical summer footwear we have found so far and considered the Rolls Royce of Jelly Shoes!  They don’t just bring that added bit of glamour to the beach they make heads turn with any summer outfit.

Holster Jellies by the poolHolster Jellies on the beach

We have been involved with Holster for several years now and they always are one of the most asked for items once the new seasons’ stock starts coming in. They certainly don’t hang around for long.

Holster queen jelly in blackHolster shimmer jelly

The press coverage has been quite phenomenal as well. In the last twelve months they have appeared in The Sunday Express, YOU, Grazia, London Lite, Easy Living, Now, and on several TV shows including GMTV. It really has been a product that has appealed to a diverse range of people.

I’ve have several pairs and often when they go missing find they have sneaked into my older children’s collection! I’m always getting comments on them when we are out and every season end up deciding I must order more next season!

Last year they brought out their latest product the Holster diamante studded rubber welly.

Holster navy blue welly

Who said wellies had to be boring and my midnight navy blue ones certainly turned a few heads in the winter.


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