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Posted on April 30th, 2010

Some of you may not realise that The Accessory Queen is not just about fabulous accessories.

Since the beginning we have made it our aim to source for our customers the most elegant products from around the world that we can find.

With Branche d’Olive we are really confident we have achieved that aim for you.

When the Branche d’Olive Bouquet Aromatique first entered the UK market it was a relatively new concept in home fragrance. It also meant,certainly for my house anyway, that it was very soon going to be time for the light to go out on scented candles.

But how does it all work?

Basically if you want to scent your house all day every day all you have to do is place the rattan sticks in the bottle and let them soak up the glorious essential oils. This stylish little product operates quite simply by capillary action and the sticks will draw the scent from the bottle and it will gently scent the room. It is safe to be left open and the fragrance will last up to two months and maybe even longer depending on where you leave it.

You can see from the photos that the elegance of the product is carried on with its’ distinctive packaging.

Branche d'Olive Pack shot

Branche d’Olive create beautiful fragrances for the home in a variety of elegant scents.

~ Rose Accienne

~  Bamboo Lotus

~ Fleur de Cassis (blackcurrant flower)

~ Garrigue (a citrus cologne reminiscent of Eau de Sauvage)

~ Lavende (lavender)

~ Vanille & Pamplemouse (vanilla & grapefruit)

~ Orange Confite

~ Le Vert (green tea) .

The bouquet aromatique’s are available in the more popular 200ml size but there is also a 100ml size available.

Another great feature is that if your bouquet aromatique has run out you don’t need to buy a whole new set. All you need to do is simply pour in one of the new refill bottles and the existing sticks will continue to work. Before you know it everything will be back to normal and smelling fabulous.

Branche d'Olive refill

Our customers just love the subtle but distinctive aromas and very quickly decide on their favourites and just keep coming back for more.

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